Thursday, March 11, 2010


Danica-mania has finally hit NASCAR! Oh lord... It has been quite some time since the Nationwide Series had something to talk about other than Kyle Busch winning everything; a woman in NASCAR. :-O! Yeah, at first glance when I saw Danica up close at an IRL race back in 2009, she didn't really look like some racing goddess. To be quite honest, I didn't even know she walked right past me in the garage area!

To be fair, she's a marketing dream; the looks, attitude, she can somewhat drive. I'm sure she could get anyone to sponsor her if she tried. So why did she want to try NASCAR? No one really knows, although maybe it's because IRL is spiraling down the drain and she's looking for a way out. (We'll save the topic for another day.) Anyway, my point is, why did she come to NASCAR when she really hasn't done much in IRL?

When guys like Dario Franchitti, Sam Hornish Jr., and Juan Pablo Montoya came over to NASCAR, they already had huge accomplishments in IRL before giving stock car racing a try. Danica won one race, and it wasn't even in the USA where the majority of races in IRL and NASCAR are run.

So do you see my point? To make matters worse, when she's out on the track, it almost sounds like a 15 year old with a permit trying to drive a car for the first time! Shouldn't the other drivers be a little worried about this? I mean sure we drive with first-timers on the street to places of business, but not at 190 mph. It's dangerous to have someone so inexperienced as herself to be out there on the track especially with guys like Keselowski out there.

Before you completely bash me, yes, I do know the only way she will learn is by seat time. Yeah okay, she ran what, one ARCA race before she tried Nationwide? Testing doesn't count when 43 other people aren't trying to get to the same place you are at the same time. So really, she's in the minor league of NASCAR and has little to no experience in a stock car. I'd be a little worried.

I'm not saying she can't drive a stock car, BUT I think it was WAY too soon for her to step up into NASCAR. She should have tried a bunch of ARCA races first and actually win a few races before becoming Dale Jr.'s latest attraction.

Which brings me to my next point...

What's the deal Junior??? How can Martin, Gordon, and Johnson plus everyone at Stewart-Haas with the same engines, are seemingly doing exponentially better? Well, now that it's out there I can't take that back. It's too early in the season to really see how this final straw for ol' Junebug to get his career straight and regress back to when he was driving the number 8 Budweiser Chevy.

We'll see what's instore after the short track these next few weeks. I'll give him until Talladega.

Until then,

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