Sunday, July 18, 2010

That's TOO much, Carl!

I have come back from hiatus too report on the latest scandal between Brad Keselowski and Carl Edwards.

All one has to do is log on to Carl Edwards' Facebook Page to see the aftermath of outrage and "epic win" comments from the people. Obviously this is a HUGE ordeal that people on FB care.

IN CASE YOU MISSED IT!! Here's what happened...

Now... I'm no expert, but I think Carl went past "just racin.'"

From what I saw, Mr. Keselowski tried to give Carl the old 'bump and run' coming through turn one. No harm or foul to either cars, but it gave Brad the upper hand to continue his lead which he had done so for most of the night.

Well some how in between the time the drivers sped through turns three and four, Carl became the Incredible Hulk and spun Brad out to win the race.

To those who just went "OH NO HE DI' INT!" Ohhh yes he did...

I know people like to root for the hometown hero and all, but I think I know Carl stepped over the line.

It's one thing to play tag and bump each other back and forth until one or the other crosses the finish line, but it's another to wreck a guy like that.

Brad could have been killed in that wreck, but luckily those cars are built like tanks. It was a selfish move just because Carl wanted to win the race.

Hey Carl here's some math for you.

human life > a trophy

Carl may have won the race but he lost a lot of fans. Again I reference FB go have a look.

If the situation was the other way around, I don't think that Brad would have done the same thing. He's into winning races fair and square. I do understand that as a rookie he wrecked a lot of people, got in a lot of people's way, but he was a rookie. Rookie's make mistakes and what fun would it be to watch Kyle Busch win all those NNS races without a little bump or two from Brad?

Brad Keselowski is no angel on the race track. He's on the hit list of many drivers including Kyle, Denny Hamlin, but most of all Carl Edwards. No body has forgotten the wreck at Talladega, but I don't think Brad will forget the wreck at Atlanta either. NASCAR took out the whip and told the kids to knock it off.

They left the hauler all smiles (or BSing it for the cameras) and things were quiet and happy in NASCAR Land. Basically, the score was even.

Then Carl gets all fiery about Brad tapping him a little and wrecks the kid into oblivion? WTF?! You sir, have crossed the LINE.

Not only did Carl rock Brad's world, but he caused a lot more damage to the other cars just trying to finish race.

I don't know if any of you know this, but those race car rigs and gigs are extremely expensive. I think Carl owes an apology to the drivers who don't have a sponsor and are underfunded and don't have much chance at success as the Cup drivers do. They work so hard on their cars, they probably spent many late nights and hours away from their families to race and it's all gone (at least their check books) in a second because Carl couldn't keep it clean until the end.

Kyle Busch has more class than that and you know everyone's opinion about him. I can't recall what race it was other than Nationwide but I do think it was at Pocono, Kyle and Brad were racing for the lead. Kyle could have spun him out and did exactly what Carl did. But Rowdy Busch just didn't have it in him to race like that.

There's no excuse for wrecking a guy to win. A win is a win, but it's a whole lot sweeter if you beat the other guy fairly.

NASCAR will probably get involved because this has gone on too long and someone is going to get hurt. There is no gray area with this incident it's clear as day and hopefully the proper measures will be taken.

Carl, you're a nice guy off the track, but what you did to Brad was just wrong. It wasn't just Brad that was involved either buddy. The cards have been dealt and it's your call.

As for Brad, I don't think he did anything wrong. He was "rubbin' and racin'" like NASCAR said that they could do. Poor guy was just trying to cap off the day and he just has had the worst two weeks...

So, was it just racing?

To take off the edge of this, was anybody else extremely proud and happy about Ryan Truex making his first start in Nationwide and doing a phenominal job? Too bad the car got away from him and he ended up in the wall... but he was running near the top 10.

And that was real nice of him to step into the 20 car later in the race after teammates Matt Dibenedetto (20 car) and Brad Coleman (18 car) wrecked each other. Seat time is precious when it comes to racing.

I watched a couple of the NASCAR East series (yes it does exist) with Ryan racing and he was pretty darn good there so why expect anything less?

You have a fan in me, lil' Truex :)

Aww... Ryan and Martin Jr. Wait... wtf? Flyers fan?!?!?? D:

Oh well, I still like the Truex brothers. Just as long as they don't start taking smack about the Blackhawks we'll be fine.

I'll report tomorrow on NASCAR's thoughts on Edwards.

Thursday, March 11, 2010


Danica-mania has finally hit NASCAR! Oh lord... It has been quite some time since the Nationwide Series had something to talk about other than Kyle Busch winning everything; a woman in NASCAR. :-O! Yeah, at first glance when I saw Danica up close at an IRL race back in 2009, she didn't really look like some racing goddess. To be quite honest, I didn't even know she walked right past me in the garage area!

To be fair, she's a marketing dream; the looks, attitude, she can somewhat drive. I'm sure she could get anyone to sponsor her if she tried. So why did she want to try NASCAR? No one really knows, although maybe it's because IRL is spiraling down the drain and she's looking for a way out. (We'll save the topic for another day.) Anyway, my point is, why did she come to NASCAR when she really hasn't done much in IRL?

When guys like Dario Franchitti, Sam Hornish Jr., and Juan Pablo Montoya came over to NASCAR, they already had huge accomplishments in IRL before giving stock car racing a try. Danica won one race, and it wasn't even in the USA where the majority of races in IRL and NASCAR are run.

So do you see my point? To make matters worse, when she's out on the track, it almost sounds like a 15 year old with a permit trying to drive a car for the first time! Shouldn't the other drivers be a little worried about this? I mean sure we drive with first-timers on the street to places of business, but not at 190 mph. It's dangerous to have someone so inexperienced as herself to be out there on the track especially with guys like Keselowski out there.

Before you completely bash me, yes, I do know the only way she will learn is by seat time. Yeah okay, she ran what, one ARCA race before she tried Nationwide? Testing doesn't count when 43 other people aren't trying to get to the same place you are at the same time. So really, she's in the minor league of NASCAR and has little to no experience in a stock car. I'd be a little worried.

I'm not saying she can't drive a stock car, BUT I think it was WAY too soon for her to step up into NASCAR. She should have tried a bunch of ARCA races first and actually win a few races before becoming Dale Jr.'s latest attraction.

Which brings me to my next point...

What's the deal Junior??? How can Martin, Gordon, and Johnson plus everyone at Stewart-Haas with the same engines, are seemingly doing exponentially better? Well, now that it's out there I can't take that back. It's too early in the season to really see how this final straw for ol' Junebug to get his career straight and regress back to when he was driving the number 8 Budweiser Chevy.

We'll see what's instore after the short track these next few weeks. I'll give him until Talladega.

Until then,

That's Just Racing

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Cuzzin Carl is on Probation...what about Kezzie?

Well, the almighty courts of NASCAR have spoken. Carl will be on probation for the next three races; Bristol, Martinsville, and Phoenix. Looking at most of the comments on the article NASCAR Places Edwards on three race probation, most people are baffled that Carl got nothing but a slap on the wrist and sent free.

Let's look at the kind of person Carl is first before anyone starts furiously typing. Carl Edwards is probably the best of the drivers when it comes to speaking to the media and reaching out to the fans. He is a highly respectable guy around the garage and everyone seems to be on good terms with him...well, except for Brad, AND his new baby girl, Anne.

Okay, now with all that in mind, this intentional wreck, if it were any other person, would not be of any shock value and most fans would shug their shoulders and say... THAT'S JUST RACING! The only other drivers that would get this much attention would be Jeff Gordon and Jimmie Johnson. Why? Well, they are just like Edwards in the sense of how they carry themselves around the media and fans. All are great speakers and have loyal fans. What if it was someone like Kevin Harvick or Tony Stewart that wrecked Keselowski?

The world would expect that from drivers like them! Even Juan Pablo Montoya it would be less investigated. My point is, Carl Edwards just doesn't seem like the kind of driver who would retaliate by intentionally wrecking someone when he's already 100+ laps down and Brad was in contention for a victory.

As a fan of both of these drivers, I'm not going to pick a side and say who's right and wrong, but I do think that both of them will learn from this and take away the fact that yes, the cars CAN fly by just tapping them. (How many more examples do they need?)

As for Keselowski, it's not that the kid is wrecking people on purpose, he's just an aggressive driver AKA a bull in a china factory. Someone needs to settle him down and make him be patient instead of wrecking Joey Logano and expecting a "sorry" to fix it. I hope NASCAR has at least spoken to Brad as well on this subject because I know exactly how frustrating it is for Carl to be punished and have Brad, the instigator in all this, run free. I would know, I'm the oldest child in my family and that's how it's always been!

I for one think this Keselowski/Edwards feud has been blown out of proportion. The wings are being destroyed as we speak (hopefully) and the brand spankin' new spoilers will be put back on the race cars and hopefully prevent wrecks that Keselowski, Edwards, and Newman have experience.

If anything, Brad and Carl have just made NASCAR more of this $$$$$$ by keeping viewers interested to see what will happen next. As we all know, humans have an addiction to drama. Who know what will go down the rest of the season, especially since we haven't heard the whining of Kyle Busch lately.

But, That's Just Racing.

*Also, if you are one of the fans that keep complaining about how everything NASCAR does (or doesn't) is stupid, then why are you a fan? Go watch baseball or something. NASCAR acts accordingly to best interest of the people involved and the fans, much like the Supreme Court.

ON TOMORROWS ENTRY.... the topic will be... DANICA!DANICA!DANICA! and what the deal is with her boss.

Monday, March 8, 2010

It's That Time of Year Again...

Welcome Race Fans!

This is my first post being a daily (or every other day) blogger! So, let’s pop some champagne like we’re Jimmie Johnson and embark on the upcoming racing season.

Yes, I know NASCAR has started their fabulous season, and drama has already begun between Brad Keselowski and the rest of the field, but stick with me as I try to get up to speed.

To explain what I am all about in simplest terms, basically I have an opinion that I believe people would enjoy to hear. I will keep up with the big three (NASCAR, Formula 1, and IRL) with some mention of local racing (when I can get to them) and some of the other series. The only types of racing I’d like to stray from are NHRA and motorcycles. I apologize in advance but they are just too dangerous and not as exciting to rant about. (However, you may still talk about it if you’d like I’ll just nod my head and smile until you’re done)

Well, I don’t know about everyone else, but I’m excited for the 2010 season. With NASCAR bringing the spoiler back, the ‘D’ word, the countdown to opening season of F1, drama with Graham Rahal and Dale Coyne signing someone who has barely finished a race, how could you not be excited?

At the end of the day, behind every story, drama, victory, and championship, there’re just three words that every race fanatic can agree on…

That’s Just Racing.