Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Cuzzin Carl is on Probation...what about Kezzie?

Well, the almighty courts of NASCAR have spoken. Carl will be on probation for the next three races; Bristol, Martinsville, and Phoenix. Looking at most of the comments on the article NASCAR Places Edwards on three race probation, most people are baffled that Carl got nothing but a slap on the wrist and sent free.

Let's look at the kind of person Carl is first before anyone starts furiously typing. Carl Edwards is probably the best of the drivers when it comes to speaking to the media and reaching out to the fans. He is a highly respectable guy around the garage and everyone seems to be on good terms with him...well, except for Brad, AND his new baby girl, Anne.

Okay, now with all that in mind, this intentional wreck, if it were any other person, would not be of any shock value and most fans would shug their shoulders and say... THAT'S JUST RACING! The only other drivers that would get this much attention would be Jeff Gordon and Jimmie Johnson. Why? Well, they are just like Edwards in the sense of how they carry themselves around the media and fans. All are great speakers and have loyal fans. What if it was someone like Kevin Harvick or Tony Stewart that wrecked Keselowski?

The world would expect that from drivers like them! Even Juan Pablo Montoya it would be less investigated. My point is, Carl Edwards just doesn't seem like the kind of driver who would retaliate by intentionally wrecking someone when he's already 100+ laps down and Brad was in contention for a victory.

As a fan of both of these drivers, I'm not going to pick a side and say who's right and wrong, but I do think that both of them will learn from this and take away the fact that yes, the cars CAN fly by just tapping them. (How many more examples do they need?)

As for Keselowski, it's not that the kid is wrecking people on purpose, he's just an aggressive driver AKA a bull in a china factory. Someone needs to settle him down and make him be patient instead of wrecking Joey Logano and expecting a "sorry" to fix it. I hope NASCAR has at least spoken to Brad as well on this subject because I know exactly how frustrating it is for Carl to be punished and have Brad, the instigator in all this, run free. I would know, I'm the oldest child in my family and that's how it's always been!

I for one think this Keselowski/Edwards feud has been blown out of proportion. The wings are being destroyed as we speak (hopefully) and the brand spankin' new spoilers will be put back on the race cars and hopefully prevent wrecks that Keselowski, Edwards, and Newman have experience.

If anything, Brad and Carl have just made NASCAR more of this $$$$$$ by keeping viewers interested to see what will happen next. As we all know, humans have an addiction to drama. Who know what will go down the rest of the season, especially since we haven't heard the whining of Kyle Busch lately.

But, That's Just Racing.

*Also, if you are one of the fans that keep complaining about how everything NASCAR does (or doesn't) is stupid, then why are you a fan? Go watch baseball or something. NASCAR acts accordingly to best interest of the people involved and the fans, much like the Supreme Court.

ON TOMORROWS ENTRY.... the topic will be... DANICA!DANICA!DANICA! and what the deal is with her boss.

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